Casa Maestri «Reserva de MFM» Tequila is created to compliment the 100% Blue Agave grown in the hills of Tequila, Jalisco and is made in the traditional manner, using stone ovens to cook the agaves for more than 48 hours. The slow cooking time produces aromatic overtones of chocolate, hazelnut and coconut. Casa Maestri «Reserva de MFM» is meant to be savored and enjoyed by true Tequila Aficionados.



the maestri magic

This special edition tequila is unique in every way. Not only for the taste and the amazing presentation, but also because this Extra Añejo takes you into a whole sensory journey. The “Sensory kit” includes 11 vials with 9 unique ingredients and the soil from the highlands and lowlands of Jalis- co, Mexico, where Casa Maestri’s agaves are planted, harvested and cooked to give you this one of a kind spirit.


When these unique aromas touch your nose, you’ll discover a new way to enjoy this special edition of Casa Maestri’s Extra Añejo tequila, with the first and only tequila sensory kit in the market.


We pay special attention to each and every part of our production process to achieve the highest quality. Drink our tequilas it is an experience.